Board Portal Software

Board portal software is an online application to manage the people and processes that schedule, document and govern meetings between the board of directors and its management team. It provides secure remote access to meeting materials from any device connected to the internet. Board members can log in with any mobile or web-based browser from their iPhone, iPad, or other tablet. This means they are able to access meetings and documents at any time and from devices they use frequently for work or leisure.

The benefits of a board portal are cutting down on paper usage, increasing director engagement and providing secure online collaboration tools which help to enhance the effectiveness of the governance process. It also saves money and time by replacing expensive printing, shipping and e-mailing of physical material. A good board portal also allows administrators to define permissions and establish an unifying source of truth for all information that enhances transparency and accountability.

Selecting the appropriate board portal software requires an in-depth analysis of the capabilities that are most beneficial for your business. Look for a solution that has a great rating and lots of positive reviews on reputable independent software board management software review sites like Capterra and G2.

Modern board portals provide an entire set of collaborative and security tools that are simple enough for administrators to use, but provide real value to boards of directors. Instead of having to sift through emails and attachments, which can easily be lost or muddled, board portals allow directors to post comments on documents and other files from any device or platform, in real time and simultaneously. This helps in preparing for meetings, and to attend them and ensures board members are using the most up to updated versions of documents when they are travelling across continents or countries.

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