Convenient Follow-up Service Centers

NCRD services right there in your local community

Grow as a specialized center for Rheumatic diseases consultation in collaboration with NCRD

Considering the distance our patients from remote areas must travel on a regular basis for their follow-up appointments, NCRD has come up with an innovative idea to tie-up with local health posts, train the local medical practitioners and provide in-situ disease management services to its patients.


We at NCRD believe that this is a much-needed service and not a luxury especially for patients with any kind of Rheumatic disease. Majority of our patients with chronic Arthritis pain have difficulty commuting long distances and we are delighted to come forward with this approach. This facility will not only make Rheumatic Disease healthcare services readily available and easily accessible for everyone but also enable patients to monitor their condition at right intervals, hence, ensuring better outcomes.

Organization participating on this program:

Kushma Hospital Pvt. Ltd, Kushma , Parbat

Mirlung Polyclinic Pvt. Ltd, Damauli, Tanau

Mani Medical Hall, Shivalaya Chowk, Kushma, Parbat

Sangam Medi Health Clinic, Buspark, Gorkha

Sanjivini Health Care, Bandipur, Dumre

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