Message From Managing Director

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the world of NCRD and thank our valued clients, whose continuous patronage and confidence in our service inspires us to extend the best of our services and enable us to provide quality in the service of millions.

NCRD is a healthcare organization, consisting of chain auto immune diseases related center at the national level.The journey of NCRD started from very modest beginnings viz., a relatively small center dedicated to the treatment of auto immune diseases having the capacity of 50 patients in the kingdom of Nepal in 2013. Being dedicated to taking NCRD to the rural area, across 75 districts of Nepal, we are focused on addressing the needs of our patients through effective, reliable and economic approach, while maintaining continuous interaction with them to access their emerging requirement, as to be ready when the need arises.

NCRD  was established with the view of contributing in the health sector, especially to make the quality of health care services accessible and affordable to people belonging to the kingdom of Nepal living in the urban and sub urban areas.Currently, NCRD is operating 4 different centers in Ratopul, Jawalakhel, Bhaktapur, and Pokhara.Besides providing treatment of autoimmune diseases in the hospital environment, NCRD has expanded its operation to the rural areas through its outreach program including conduction of disease screening camp, telemedicine and awareness program on regular basis.We are going to establish several auto immune disease treatment centers in the semi urban and rural areas where the dwellers will get the basic auto immune disease treatment facilities.NCRD also aims to generate, train and develop quality and enthusiastic health professionals sought by the medical fraternity besides medical doctors.

Our professionalism, coupled with a strong touch enhances the probability of success at every step. Our self-evaluation is another essential factor in our development which integrates delegation of authority, humble leadership, vigilant management and persistence in quality, therefore research to embrace new technologies and ideas are an ongoing process at NCRD and are the core pillars of success.Our key to the future is our workforce where we have continuously sought the most inspired and talented professionals to represent NCRD.As we move ahead, we continue to create a collaborative environment where technical knowledge supported by strategic principles will combine to achieve a collective brilliance.We believe that this collective endeavor will power our every project to stay as the lasting testimony of our success and continue to strive to serve the humanity with compassion and care.

I wish success of NCRD in every aspect of its initiatives.

Roshan Kakshupati
Managing Director

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