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Grow as a specialized center for Rheumatic diseases consultation in collaboration with NCRD

With the advent of advancing science and ever expanding information technology, services and facilities are even closer and flexible to our demands.Medical services are not an exception to it. This theory has given birth to a holistic approach in medical services by the name of web-based clinics.  Web-based health care is a relatively recent healthcare practice supported by electronic processes and communication, dating back to at least 1999. 

Furthermore, use of web-based clinics have enhanced public participation in health care services and have taken more people under the umbrella of quality health fulfilling the objectives of “Health for all” as advocated by public health experts.With growing time,it will be impossible to imagine health care system without internet representation.


Thus, with the main objective to spread and decentralize the provision of outstanding specialized clinical care to people with rheumatic diseases, National Center for Rheumatic Diseases (NCRD) has established the facility of web-based clinic. The specific objectives of this provision are:

  • To provide training to the health practitioners (Doctors/ Health Assistants/ Pharmacists)
  • To identify new patients suffering from rheumatic diseases and treat and monitor them at their near-by healthcare facility

What We Provide ?

In the project, NCRD initially provides the required trainings to the related health care personnel and then information regarding the investigation and treatment procedures is shared between NCRD and the organization through web-based interface.

User friendly applications will be provided to our key web-clinic partners to aid the patient management process. Alongside, easy to understand comprehensive information materials help users to choose wisely according to their needs.All of which certainly help us to manage a strong digital database systems that is easy and convenient for ethical research point of view.

What we always expect from our venture ?
  • Increased awareness about Rheumatic Diseases and its management to the health practitioners and the general people
  • Increased identification of patients suffering from Rheumatic Diseases
What this can also lead to ?
  • Increased reach of the clinical care to the distant places and new patients
  • Hassle free and reduced paper use, i.e., environment friendly
  • Managed database systems

Partner requirement:

  • Must have a clinic (polyclinic / pharmacy) setup
  • Must have pathology service

Our partners/ Organizations participating in this program:

Shuvalaxmi Clinic, Gulmi 

Partner organization of the month:

Shuvalaxmi Clinic, Gulmi

How to Apply?

If you are interested to participate, please fill up the form:

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